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Our Services

We provide our customers and project partners with rapid and comprehensive access to the diverse applications of microreaction technology. The Fraunhofer ICT offers a broad variety of microreaction systems as solutions in the fields of chemical synthesis and process development, process optimisation and analysis.

As R&D services, we also offer feasibility studies, rapid parameter screenings and targeted analysis of individual process steps in complex reactions as well as detailed safety investigations.

To enable our customers to perform their own research, we supply complete laboratory systems for synthesis, process analysis and calorimetry. Based on these systems, we develop tailored microreactor processes for customer-specific tasks in all areas from the laboratory to production scale.

Finally, we develop products together with our customers in the areas of fine and speciality chemicals as well as polymer particles and microcapsules.

Prospected customers from industry and academia are offered courses and advanced trainings on microreaction technology with well-balanced theoretical and practical parts (courses are available as single day courses or of several days' duration).
The Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) carries out applied research which is both of direct use to industry and of benefit to society. Beside contract research for industry, the Fraunhofer ICT also works together with commercial companies on research projects co-financed by the German government or the European Union.

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