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Automated Microreaction System for the R&D Laboratory

Microreaction technology must be integrated into high performance laboratory equipment in order to be able to use its advantages effectively. For this purpose, we have developed the automated "FAMOSflexible" microreaction system - a modular laboratory system for reaction and parameter screening - especially for the R&D area.

Using "FAMOSflexible" it is possible to set up almost any microfluidic processes for liquid, liquid/liquid and gas/liquid reactions quickly and change the configuration with ease. A wide selection of microstructured glass reactors is available for these tasks but microreactors from other suppliers can also be integrated effortlessly into the laboratory system.

The control system of "FAMOSflexible" fully automates the processing and data logging of individually designed experimental plans. This permits systematic parameter screenings and the generation of sample libraries for subsequent investigations. Moreover, by using micro-effects it is possible to investigate reaction regimes, which are not accessible using classical methods. "FAMOSflexible" also has additional ports for online and offline analysis, integrated safety features as well as optional remote control and surveillance systems for reactions with an increased hazard potential. The robust design and continuous process monitoring also allow "FAMOSflexible" to be used for the production of small quantities in laboratory-based campaigns.

A detailed description of the automated microreaction system "FAMOSflexible" is available here.

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"FAMOSflexible" - automated microreaction system for the R&D laboratory.


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