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Synthesis and Product Optimisation

We seek out and develop economically and ecologically attractive synthesis routes for our customers. High yields and selectivities are important here but not the only factors we consider. Reducing the number of reaction steps, minimising hazard potential and improving resource and energy efficiency are equally important goals. Microreaction technology is a key tool for optimising processes. We target the benefits of micro-effects and simultaneously test alternative synthesis routes. This can involve, among other things, the replacement of stoichiometric reaction steps with catalytic processes or changing from single phase processes to multiphase operations.

Microreaction technology is also useful for working in reaction regimes, which are not accessible using classical batch processes, e. g. at high temperatures, pressures and concentrations of reagents or even under alternative stoichiometric reaction conditions.

For synthesis and process optimisation we use self-developed laboratory systems, special process analytical techniques based on spectroscopy and calorimetry, that we connect to our microreaction processes, as well as mathematical and experimental methods for the design and qualification of our microfluidic components.
In our pilot plants, we transfer the insights we gain into process optimisations to production tasks, realising customer-specific processes with high throughput using tailored microreactors. In addition to synthesis, we also make successful use of continuous microprocesses in downstream process operations for purifying and processing synthesis products.

Setup of microreaction processes at laboratory and technical scale.


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