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Microreaction Technology at Fraunhofer ICT -
Micro Scale Chemical Processes

For several years, microstructured reactors have been enjoying a successful advance into chemical laboratories. Global research activities have clearly demonstrated that the application of micro-structured reactors, mixers and other microfluidic components offers numerous technical advantages for reactions in chemical processes.

Microreactors are characterised, in particular, by a high surface-to-volume ratio and channel dimensions in the sub-millimetre range, which offer a significant increase in heat and mass transfer in the reactor. Continuous processing of microreactors also permits short residence times, which can be precisely adjusted.

Compared with conventional chemical processes, microreaction technology therefore offers substantial improvements in yield, selectivity, product quality and safety for chemical reactions, which involve a high heat of reaction or are sensitive to dosing and mixing. Moreover, microreaction technology opens up opportunities for new synthetic routes and process methodologies while achieving a high space-time yield.

The Fraunhofer ICT has been developing microreaction processes for over 10 years to solve specific problems in the chemical, pharmaceutical and process technology industries. Customers and project partners can now access a wide range of products and services in the area of microreaction technology, extending from analysis, design and optimisation of chemical processes to the synthesis of speciality and fine chemicals including polymers to the development of tailored microreaction systems for use in laboratories and production plants.

Microreaction Technology: Continuous chemical processes in microstructured channels.
Tailored microreactors are the key components of our chemical processes.


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