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Beside contract research projects for customers from industry which are mostly confidental, the Fraunhofer ICT acts also as an initiator or research partner in medium-term and long-term R&D projects, which are conducted in close cooperation with partners from industry and academia. Most of these projects are funded by German or European authorities.

A selection of ongoing or recently finished projects funded by German or European authorities is listed here:

0 Development of a microfluidic platform for the automated production of radioactive pharmaceuticals for molecular imaging and radio therapy
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0 High-value microreaction components with integrated optical interfaces for process analysis
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0 Development of a standardised measuring method for the characterisation and modeling of the residence time behaviour of microfluidic components used in liquid phase processes
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0 Synthesis of semiconducting polymers in microreactors
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0 Reaction screening in microreactors for the synthesis of chemical building blocks derived from renewable materials
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0 Multi-disciplinary initiative of the Karlsruhe-Freiburg region for eduction in micro chemical engineering
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0 New Eco-efficient Industrial Process Using Microstructured Unit Components
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0 Immobilisation of bio catalysts in hydrogels
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