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The Fraunhofer ICT offers a broad variety of research and development services for the chemical, pharmaceutical and process industry. Among these R&D services are feasibility studies, the development of chemical syntheses, process optimisations and other engineering services.

In strategic cooperations with partners from industry and academia we develop new technologies.
Moreover, we share our ten years of experience and knowledge in the field of microreaction technology by providing our customers with appropriate laboratory and measuring equipment. Originally developed for our own R+D requirements we are now offering our improved laboratory systems for synthesis, parameter screenings as well as process analysis and calorimetry to our customers.

Two of our laboratory systems based on microreaction technology that are of often requested by our customers, are:

the automated microreaction system


das kontinuierliche Reaktionskalorimeter >concal<


The majority of products that we synthesise in our microreaction processes are fine chemicals or specialties for different branches, ranging from pharmaceutical products to explosives and from semiconducting polymers to platform chemicals derived from renewable materials.

In segmented flow processes we synthesise particulate products, for example nano- and micro-sized particles obtained by precipitation reactions in micro droplets.
Spherical polymer particles and microcapsules are also synthesised in droplet based processes. The polymer beads are obtained with a monomodal particle size distribution and absolute particle sizes that can be deliberately adjusted from several micrometres to several hundreds of micrometres.

Manufacturing spherical polymer particles and microcapsules.


Recent publication:

D. Röseling, T. Türcke, S. Löbbecke, H. Krause, Microreactor synthesis of unimodal molecular imprinted polymer (MIP) beads used for explosive detection, Proceed. 10th Int. Conference on Microreaction Technology IMRET 10, 6.-10. April 2008, New Orleans, USA


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