Spectroscopic and Calorimetric Process Analysis

At Fraunhofer ICT process analysis is an essential tool for the design, diagnostics, optimization and control of chemical processes. Depending on the specific task, spectroscopic and calorimetric process analyses are adapted to continuous and microreaction processes as inline, online or at-line measurement technology. In particular, techniques with a high degree of temporal and spatial resolution are used.

Continuous Reaction Calorimetry

Fraunhofer ICT develops continuously operating reaction calorimeters based on microreactors, which permit the rapid screening of thermokinetic key data. A variety of process parameters can be tested within a short timeframe, and their influence on the heat generation and thermal reactions can be recorded in real-time. The influence of the individual process parameters (e. g. concentration, stoichiometry, the use of alternative reactants, temperature, residence time) on the reaction rate can be monitored and quantified directly by observing the altered heat signal. Besides a rapid screening of relevant processing parameters, the small reactor volume means that critical processing conditions ( worst case scenarios) can be tested precisely and safely with a minimum use of materials.