Micro Process Engineering

Customers and project partners from the chemical, pharmaceutical and process technology industries can access a wide range of products, processes and services in the area of micro process engineering and microreaction technology, extending from the analysis, design and optimization of chemical processes to the synthesis of specialty and fine chemicals, and the development of tailored microreaction systems for use in laboratories and production plants.

Design and Fabrication of Microstructured Reactors

One essential element in the development of chemical processes is the design of tailored reactors, process apparatuses and microfluidic components. Fraunhofer ICT uses both mathematical methods and numerical simulation tools as well as standardized experimental measurement methods to generate quantitative and qualitative data concerning important performance characteristics, for example flow distribution, mixing efficiency, residence time behavior, etc

Laser Structuring of Microfluidic Structures

The design of tailored reactors and microfluidic components requires flexible microstructuring techniques, allowing the fast development and testing of microfluidic prototypes and a rapid re-designing of microfluidic components. Laser ablation is a powerful technique for the rapid generation of microstructures in various substrates. Focused picosecond laser pulses allow controlled and well-defined material removal on a micro-scale. The microstructures exhibit an excellent geometric precision and can be obtained with high aspect ratios.