Continuous Chemical Processing

Continuous chemical processing, which makes use of intensified and microstructured process equipment, is a key element in the future production of chemical high-value products.

Micro Process Engineering

Fraunhofer ICT has been developing microreaction processes for 20 years, for process optimization and production

From Process Optimization to Production

Micro process technology and flow chemistry are key tools for process optimization and process development for future flexible production. The knowledge obtained can be transferred effectively to production tasks on a technical scale.

Spectroscopic and Calorimetric Process Analysis

At Fraunhofer ICT process analysis is an essential tool for the design, diagnostics, optimization and control of chemical processes.

Safe Production of Hazardous Products

A special field of research at Fraunhofer ICT is the development of processes for the safe management of reactions that are potentially explosive or otherwise hazardous.

Particle Synthesis and Microencapsulation

Microfluidic structures can also be used for the high-precision processing of multi-phase systems in the form of segmented flows and unimodal emulsions, allowing the synthesis of solid materials with properties superior to those achieved by conventional processing.